What does light stimulation means and what does it do for the body and the mind? What makes the PhotonWave® different from all the other light therapy divices? Read this article to find out.

Working with light and color as a healing method can be done in different ways. 

  • using light into the eye
  • using light on the skin
  • using light in your imagination

To overcome any type of blockages in the physical body or in the mind, we need some sort of stimulation to make the energy flow again. This can be done in the ways mentioned above. The PhotonWave® works with the light into the eye.

The reason why the PhotonWave® is the most effective for healing the physical body is the use of frequencies together with the colors of the spectrum. The pathway into the brain is the shortest when we work with the eyes. 

Using light and color into the eye is developed by optometists in the beginning of the 20th century. They found out that using light and color was helping clients in a more holistic way. Instead of only healing eye problems, people started feeling less tired, more enthousiastic. Also headaches disappeared and they noticed allergies disappeared.

The PhotonWave® started using flickering light which differed from 24 to 5 Hz. And this is what makes the PhotonWave® unique in its kind. This flickering light is related to the human brainwaves. It is helpfull to ease down overactive minds like ADHD or stimulate phlegmatism or ADD related issues. It also helps in the left-right brain communication.

The frequencies give the signal to the constricted optic nerve to relax. The therapist chooses the color carefully to influence the brain and the body on different levels. Every color of the spectrum has it's own specifics as does the frequencies. 

This flickering light is also helpfull to ease down overactive minds like ADHD or stimulate phlegmatism or ADD related issues. It also helps for pain-relief.

In general: the warm colors are stimulating and the cool colors are the relaxing ones.

The PhotonWave® has over 150 pre-programmed protocols. So it is easy to incorporate the light therapy into the holistic practice. In our learning environment you can learn more about which color and frequencies to use for meeting your clients needs.