About Rainbow-Flash

'My mission is to help people with color and light for health and happiness'
- Leona Vermeire

Meet Leona Vermeire

Leona is CEO of the company Rainbow-Flash that passionately spreads the word about healing with light.

What keeps her going? The positive response of practitioners who report great results from their patients! 

Watch this presentation of Leona Vermeire at the conference of the International Light Association of 2018


The PhotonWave: A short story, actually long history …

The evolution of the PhotonWave is a story of insights and fortuitous meetings. It began in 1985.

With the help of macrobiotics, thanks to Michio Kushi, Rik Vermuyten, I had overcome severe health problems. On my quest to learn more about health, I was attending a seminar in Antwerp and among the presenters was osteopath and international shiatsu teacher Rex Lassalle. He was very excited about a device called the Lumatron being developed by Dr. John Downing, who was an active member of the College of Syntonic Optometry.

(The Lumatron was an improvement of the Syntonizer, developed in the 1930s by optometrist Harry Spitler who confirmed the impressive therapeutic power of ocular stimulation by colored light.)


In 1986 we organised a seminar for Dr. John Downing in Belgium.

 He told us in summary how, as non-optometrists, we could use “Syntonic Light therapy” - “Syntonic “meaning: “Bringing Balance” and relevant to the harmonizing of body, brain and emotional states – influencing the autonomic nervous system via the EYES.

It was fascinating!

One of the seminar participants gave me a book, Light Medicine of the Future, by Dr. Jacob Liberman wherein I found the answers to my many questions.

My daughter and I took a flight to Aspen, Colorado to meet the author.

The German doctor who gave me this book was a university colleague of Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt who in 1986 was already working with the Lumatron at his pain clinic in Santa Fe New Mexico, where he gave seminars to German naturopaths.

He arranged for us to meet Dr. Klinghardt in Germany, and that was the beginning of our long-standing friendship and continuing collaboration, spreading the light in not only Germany, Austria and Switzerland, all over Europe, Norway, but also in the UK and the US.

Throughout the ensuing seven years we imported Lumatrons from the US to Europe at which point, in 1993, the manufacturer made a smaller, portable instrument, the Photron. This we took along on our trips to Germany organised by the Klinghardt Institute in order to promote the highly instructive light therapy focussed on psychological issues which Steven Vasquez was teaching. We were fortunate to meet and learn from him.

When the Photron ceased to be available after the death of its manufacturer in 2000, we took it upon ourselves, together with our son Dominique to ensure the continuity of the work of both Downing and the manufacturer for the European medical community. In the same year, we formed a partnership with Dr. John Searfoss, a syntonic optometrist with ideas for using the capabilities offered by Lumatron and Photron but lacking a machine that could be delivered.

But only three months after partnering with Searfoss, the prototype not yet finished, he suddenly passed away.

Dominique and I reviewed everything; what the previous machines had done and had not done, what had been their capabilities, how had the effectiveness been achieved, what needed to be added to augment the reach, how could functions be better integrated to assist the therapist in using Light in their praxis.

Dr. Klinghardt had some suggestions for options he thought should be incorporated.

His input was a great break-through, my greatest respect to him!

Putting it all together we saw the birth of the PhotonWave in 2000, at the conference in Chicago.


What is the PhotonWave?


What makes the PhotonWave stand out is the quality of its filters and the very sharp bandwidth that produces colors of near mono­chromatic purity. The PhotonWave is a table-top machine with long hood allowing the viewer’s gaze to be focussed forward where, for variable durations (average of ten minutes); combinations of narrow band colours (in general 3) together with brain wave frequencies are presented.

It is equipped with two filter wheels that can be superimposed on each other to produce a wide variety of colors. It generates pulsed light between 1 and 35 Hz for photic brain wave entrainment, a process useful to bring patients toward mental states associated with various brain wave frequencies.

The light source is halogen, known as the closest as possible to natural light.

The most recent version of the PhotonWave features an automated system for color selection. Years of experience using this technology along with input from specialists such as Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt have led to a design of chromatic protocols adapted to the most common ills, which have been programmed into the device.

With the use of an inbuilt inner platform and a clear Perspex insert with a large circular hole, the PhotonWave has the additional capacity to both neutralize allergens and toxins, and to carry the homeopathic information of remedies and supplements into the body.

Who might use the PhotonWave?

It was the Syntonic optometrists who first identified a need for a machine such as the PhotonWave, as this practice depends on the presentations of colours singly or in combinations, concurrent or subsequent, to achieve required outcomes. 

PhotonWave is very popular with these therapists.

For those adhering to the treatment regimes of detoxification, stabilising and chemical balance established by Dr. Klinghardt’ s Institute, the PhotonWave is greatly appreciated. Protocols have been established for a vast array of issues.

Psychologists employ the machine to present the colours that call forth memories and fears and address them. Having the freedom to choose and saturate with one chosen hue is something many find relaxing and encouraging.

The general public can benefit from detoxing programs and a multitude of protocols which target common ailments and conditions. It is usually a doctor or naturopath using these.


Let’s keep spreading the light!


Light and Love, Leona and Christian Vermeire - Van Raemdonck

Leona Vermeire in front of the Photon Wave Rainbow light stimulator

In recognition of her contribution to the spread of light therapy in Europe, the ILA awarded the Frances McManemim prize to Leona Vermeire-Van Raemdonck in 2013.


PhotonWave is used by healthcare practitioners and not sold for private use.