I wanted to send a quick note to let you know how the PhotonWave has changed my life.

For over a year I was miserable as I suffered from horrendous cramps and heavy menstrual cycles that were lasting anywhere from 2-3 weeks.  At one point I was taking almost 1000mg a day of ibuprofen just to get through my work day, and I am someone who does not take medications, so you can imagine how desperate I was.  I did the PhotonWave detox protocol and I had an intense release during my next cycle.  Since then, I have not had any cramping at all during my cycles. 

I still had the heavy periods though and in December, it was so bad, it lasted 30 days.  I was concerned enough that I went to my GYN and had a thorough checkup, with the final diagnosis being “there’s nothing wrong – you are likely going into menopause”.  Several days later, she called me with the results of my blood tests.   My hemoglobin level was abnormally low at a 4, and she told me that legally she had to tell me to go to the nearest hospital for a blood transfusion.  Obviously since I wasn’t in her office she couldn’t force me to go, so she told me that I needed to take high doses of iron daily and be extremely careful as I could lose consciousness at anytime.

I did start taking the iron supplements, but they made me extremely constipated.   I decided to use the PhotonWave to infuse myself with the iron instead.  I infused twice the dosage that I would have taken orally, and now 2 months later, I am able to walk almost 3 miles easily.  Before the infusions, I could barely walk up the 12 steps into my house without getting out of breath.  

I am so excited about the power of the PhotonWave and its healing potential.  I feel blessed to have been introduced to this amazing technology!

Cindy Cork