The PhotonWave®

PhotonWave has been developed on the vast experience of researchers in medicine, behavioural optometry, kinesiology, psychology and osteopathy.

Their contribution made it possible to combine different methods in order to obtain an optimal effect for the patient.

PhotonWave specific information:

  • Pure narrowband filters, 10 nanometers bandwidth, are a unique feature in Light stimulation known so far, they are high-quality optical glass filters.
  • light frequency pulsating from 1 to 35 Herz.
  • 99 automatic programs, (with each the possibility of 3 color combinations, time and Herz)
  • International fully automatic power selection: 100-240 V.
  • Safety guaranteed with CE label
  • Computerized control panel for easy use
  • Quality materials and construction covering a long term durability
  • PhotonWave has been designed to be used with different accessories to be complementary to other forms of therapy
  • Patented, made in Belgium.


The PhotonWave costs 4950 euro, VAT excluded. This price includes:

  • PhotonWave and accessories
  • Detailed manual
  • Training for 4 hours
  • Ten years warranty