Computerized Functional Colour Field Tester

The Computerized Functional Colour Field tester (CFCFTester) allows a quick, efficient and reliable measurement of the functional visual fields.

The Form Fields (functional campimetry), the Colour Fields (red, blue, green) and the Blind Spot can be measured.

The software program is accompanied by a removable hardware top-piece, and is easily installed and calibrated on any computer monitor.

Settings can be personalised and saved: screen contrast, colour brightness, size and speed of moving dots, visualisation of meridians, etc. Optionally extra grey dots can be added on each meridian to compensate for movement awareness.

The program provides a minimum and maximum test duration estimation for the selected settings. The fields can be measured in an assisted or in a stand alone mode. The patient is instructed to look at a central stimulus (flickering option), with the possibility of presenting numbers to maintain fixation.

The patient reacts using the ‘colour keys’, easily programmed on the keyboard or the mouse buttons.

Measurements can be taken on a meridian frequency of 15, 30, 45 and 90°. Error measurements can be deleted and will automatically be retested when resuming the test.

A patient file is automatically created and all measured fields can be stored and compared to former measurements.

All measured fields can be superimposed to visualise treatment progress in Light stimulation, syntonic and vision stimulation. Measured fields can be printed out in different ways, showing the coloured graphs, with or without a list of each measured meridian.

Hardware and software requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows.
  • The FCFTester can be used on any monitor from 15inch and bigger, however an adjustable 17inch TFT screen is preferable.
  • A help function is included and a FCFTester support website is available for the registered users.


The Campimeter costs 899 Euro, excluding VAT. 

How to set up & use the FCF Tester